I’m Jenn. All in all I’ve got a pretty charmed life. I think my husband is nothing short of amazing, and I have the sweetest, cutest baby boy (born December 2010) that you ever did see.

I’m a musician who works an administrative job in the arts (but this is my personal blog, nothing work related). I’ve got champagne taste on a champagne-of-beers budget. I wear pearl earrings more often than not. I grew up 60 miles from the nearest Target. I don’t like mushrooms though I wish I did. I should’ve paid attention during those golf lessons my mom insisted I take when I was 12. I suppose it could be said that I’m a little eccentric – but we all have our neuroses don’t we?

Welcome to my blog. I’m game to try and chronicle my life, mostly the good stuff and the battles worth picking. Here goes.


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