Monthly Archives: April 2012


Our weekend was a sweet one. Temperate spring weather hung on, so we enjoyed plenty of time outside in the jasmine-scented air. Pete and I had happy hour on the porch after Grant’s bedtime. The music doctor has learned a great variety of major seventh chords so the vibe was very bossa nova. We walked to breakfast, picked up a few second hand toddler toys at a yard sale and cruised an art festival. We caught up with friends at an year-end party and a birthday gathering.

Sunday church was beautiful this week too. Our church played host to the bishop, and true to form, he shared wisdom and insight. He urged us to see God and love in our everyday interactions. Where art inspires serenity and peace, God is there. When breaking bread with a hungry little child, God is there. I couldn’t help but think of Ubi Caritas, my favorite text. Loosely translated: God is charity and love, and where you find love you’ll find God. Amen and alleluia.

What a nice weekend. Hope yours was great too.

Images via Instagram as usual. The best camera is the one you have with you, right?