Saturday at the Seashore

Saturday we played hooky from our usual weekend activities to take a little road trip. In the days of old, we’d find ourselves driving much further to the sugar sand beaches of the Florida Gulf Coast, but with our little guy’s schedule and gas at $4 a gallon, keeping it local is attractive.

Our first stop was a county welcome center we have driven past countless times. It’s a spot with a nice little view and birdies a plenty to watch from a big deck overlooking the bay.

We meandered down the road a piece for a picnic lunch and some sunshine time with a few of our oldest and best beach buddies.

Grant loved it. I thought he might be bothered by the sand in his toes and the wind and the bright sun but I was oh so wrong. He happily played with this beach ball (great party favor, thanks Abby!), shoveling sand in and out of a bucket, watching the sandpipers nearby and feeling the waves wash up on his tiny little feet.

Also loads of fun: crawling in and out of a chair. Repeatedly.

There are hiking and biking trails just steps away from the beach, so we next time we’ll have the opportunity to recreate in the salty sea air  just 45 minutes from home.

We picked up some grouper on the way back and prepared a delicious dinner. It was a perfect ending to a fresh from Florida day. We will have to repeat this fun trip again very soon.

Photos  via Instagram. I can’t stop!


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