Friday Favorites: Uganda

Uganda was on my mind all week. In March 2009 and again in March 2010, I paid visits there, when my husband was conducting dissertation research. We did the requisite amount of touristy stuff, but Pete also took me  to a number of places off the beaten mzungu path.

I hadn’t expected to enjoy my time in Uganda as much as I did. That place seeped into my soul. I certainly didn’t expect that two years later I would crave the opportunity to return there, and I know someday we will. For now I will cherish the memories I have, and keep in touch with Ugandans I know and love.

As a native Iowan, March used to conjure images of dirty, slushy snow and incessant cold – never ending winter. But after those trips, March elicits the desire  to drink delicious tea, eat lots of chapati and Indian food, feel the wind in my hair as a boda speeds through Central Kampala, and hear more Luganda, just to name a few.


Uganda was on my mind long before Invisible Children blew up social networks twith its simplified and emotionally exploitative 30 minute video. I’m still considering my response to Kony 2012 and after I’ve had more time to digest and edit I will post something here. (You know, for all two of you reading.) In short, I’m critical of what I saw and am delighted to hear that so many others agree.

In the meantime, please enjoy a few gratuitous photos of one of my favorite places on Earth. I took thousands and it’s impossible to summarize a place with just a few images so consider it a glimpse from my view.


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