Friday Favorites

Isn’t this a fun picture of my sweet son and my mom? I love the carefree, joyful look on Grant’s face, and my mom’s easy going smile, too.

Here are a couple of other things I’m into right now:

I’m not a big rainy day fan but I do love opening up my umbrella on rainy days.

Old school cooking has returned to my 1930s kitchen. I’ve made one pressure cooker meal so far and can’t wait to explore others. It’ll be a great addition to my summertime cooking arsenal. I hate heating up the oven on hot summer days.

Click here for a fun way to spend a minute or two. Plus you have to love the URL ( Also cool and nerdy: time as hex color value.

My mother-in-law sent this easy sewing book as a gift for my birthday. I have a few projects in the queue but am so excited to do a little sewing pretty soon.

I devoured this memoir, written by nonagenarian church friend. I’m sort of an amateur Anglophile and it was a treat to read about Audrey’s service in the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRENS) and her life in the United States post World War II.


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