Advent Update

Advent this year has been nice, I have been enjoying the hopeful anticipation of the Christmas season. It’s even more fun with our little baby in the house. I wanted to post a little update on what I’ve been doing and what’s left to come, mostly as  a way to organize myself. (Sorry, dear reader, I recognize that it’s not all that exciting for you!)

So, how about a gratuitous photo of my darling son with my mother? That’ll keep you interested right?

We were at my parents’ house last week on somewhat short notice. It was a treat to be with my parents for a full week, and Mom had a nice time sharing her Christmas tree with little Grant and just generally being the greatest new grandmother on planet earth. Here’s a sweet moment I captured on ye olde iPhone, demonstrating how perfectly suited she is to this new gig:

In any case, here’s where I am with Advent, organized into Did It, Working On It, Coming Up and Not Happening.

Did It
Watch The Family Stone
Watch White Christmas
Actually send Christmas cards
Find an advent calendar (I have really enjoyed keeping up with this)
Figure out the Christmas tree debacle
Check out the Winter Festival

Working On It
Have a date with my husband
Watch Charlie Brown Christmas with Grant
Make handmade Christmas gifts (only a few left to go)
Do not go overboard
Pray and meditate (I have discovered and love the blog, which, along with a book I’ve been reading has been a nice faith addition to Advent.)
Wrap presents

Coming Up
Make Christmas cookies
Make butter brickle and peppermint bark
Make caramel corn and share it with friends
Read the Christmas Baby to Grant
Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
Go Christmas caroling
Donate to donation box at weekday education
Set up the nativity scene

Not Happening
Sing Advent Lesson and Carols at St. John’s (happened while I was out of town, sad!)

What fun Advent traditions are you demonstrating this year? What’s your favorite preparation for Christmas? Whatever it may be, I hope you are enjoying it wholeheartedly.


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