Back on the proverbial horse

Today I’m thankful for second chances. Let me tell you, I make a lot of mistakes but it’s nice to be able to get back on the proverbial horse and try again. Whether it’s not exercising consistently, not cooking as many healthy meals as I’d like, bickering and arguing with my husband (who I’ve already told you is a sweet guy), sniveling, grumbling or otherwise maintaining a crappy attitude, I’m lucky that I can try again.

I’ve had the pleasure of observing a workshop where there is an amazing strategic planner who gives totally great and inspiring advice. Advice like “you can’t make an untalented person more talented but you can make a talented person more successful” and “if you’re not making mistakes you’re not trying hard enough.” That advice is nice because it applies to just about everything and makes me want to try again, not just give up entirely.

So here I am, back blogging at this spot after failing miserably at the everyday gratitude posting. Obviously I’ve missed the mark. But I’m blessed with another day and thankfully, I get another chance. Second (and third and forth and fifth and to infinity and beyond) chances are nice for that.


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