November: Attitude of Gratitude

November, the season of gratitude-inspired social media postings. I couldn’t agree more; it’s the perfect of year to be thankful. I’m making it a goal to post a grateful though here for November’s remaining days.

Today I’m grateful for good health. Sure, I have a few extra pounds to lose and a sniffly nose from those pesky allergies, yet by and large I enjoy good health.

In our climate, it’s the perfect time of year for bike rides, 5Ks and afternoon cruises in the BOB. In that spirit, I’ve renewed my exercise efforts since I find my life goes best when physical activity is a routine part of things. I’ve spent practically the entire month of October under the weather, so it’s time to be more active.

It’s also prime season for greens from the CSA, roasted root vegetables and a few favorite sweet treats. All things in moderation (including moderation), I say.

I’m also grateful for the good health of my husband and baby, and pray the blessing of good health is with us our whole lives through.

Baby's First Bike Ride

What about you – what are you grateful for today?


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