Ordinary moments

These days, I often find myself completely and totally full of love for my child. Parents tell you about those moments, and they’re right. The really do happen. The best part? More often than not, they’re totally effortless.

baby swings at the park

I find lots of pleasure in events that are meticulously planned and executed. And yet for me it’s little, unexpected moments that make me most grateful.

I had one of those moments yesterday. We trekked to the park, just Grant and me, to take in a gorgeous day. It was a good afternoon for a stroll and some playtime.

Let me tell you, that baby was so happy with our little adventure. He squealed with every push of the swing. His wide smile provided a great view of his new teeth.  His curly hair flapped in the light breeze. The late-in-the-day sunshine filtered through the trees and streamed light onto the whole scene.

It was an ordinary moments that brought extraordinary joy. Here’s to many more.


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