This weekend we made a quick trip to a nearby state park for one of their renowned boat tours. For years we’ve made this a go-to activity for visitors. This time we had the pleasure of showing off this gem to someone new in town.

It’s an appealing place. There’s something about the practically primitive look of cypress trees and their knees, for example, that makes me excited.  And the entire scene is reflected into the glassy surface of the crystal clear water.

For a mere $8, you cruise along in a boat like this one.

The whole adventure is about taking in the flora and fauna of the area. There are turtles sunning themselves on what the tour guides predictably call the “shell station.”

It’s Florida, so there are gators galore. They hide out and can be tough to see.

If you’re lucky you’ll spot a manatee or two. These guys are my favorite. How can you not love creatures defined as gentle sea cattle? I defy you to find them anything other than completely lovable.

It was a nice albeit warm day on Saturday. Mercifully, there was a bit of breeze. That’s altogether rare in our neck of the woods. Still, we had to cool down our little guy with our handy battery operated fan.

Luckily he’s pretty easy to please. He kept a gorgeous smile for our entire ride, even if he was a little flushed. (He looks like his mama and he has some of her tendencies, too… pink when hot and some frizzy curls to name a few.)

We had a nice time, and my sights are already set on a few other little day trips. It’s good to love the place you call home, and heaven knows I do.


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