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Up in the air

My favorite guys in action


Simple pleasures

20110819-093409.jpgAren’t these flowers gorgeous? Pete sent them for our eighth anniversary earlier this month. They were delivered to my office on a Tuesday afternoon and were just the best treat. They still are, actually – I find myself smiling each time I come across this picture on my phone. {Ahem, please excuse my messy desk…}

20110819-093424.jpgSweet baby Grant is loving this treasure basket. Continue reading

No place like home

Marcus Iowa elevated picture water tower


There aren’t many times when I really, truly wish I were in my tiny western Iowa hometown. I am thankful I spent my growing up years there, close to my grandparents in a tight knit rural community. It’s a spot I love and admire, and though I miss it, largely I can handle the long distance.

But this weekend I’m yearning for the place I called home for more than half of my life. Continue reading

Lucky Day

“Anytime you get up to see the sun shining and you feel well it’s a lucky day.”

I’m surrounded by supportive family and friends. Their words of wisdom and encouragement are nice reminders of all of the blessings I have in life. Sometimes the wisdom is just too good not to share. This gem was from my dad’s email today.


This weekend we made a quick trip to a nearby state park for one of their renowned boat tours. For years we’ve made this a go-to activity for visitors. This time we had the pleasure of showing off this gem to someone new in town.

It’s an appealing place. There’s something about the practically primitive look of cypress trees and their knees, for example, that makes me excited.  And the entire scene is reflected into the glassy surface of the crystal clear water.

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