Fun right from the get-go

I like my job and don’t find myself counting the moments til 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. Even though I don’t actually work til 5:00 p.m. on Fridays right somehow the weekend is still the sweetest time of the week.

We’ve had several fun outtings to make the most of the gorgeous spring weather here. We simply must; before too long it’ll be ultrahot, and like the rest of humanity in this place we’ll be vying for the closest parking spaces at the grocery store just to dodge the heat. But this weekend, well… This weekend was perfect.

Saturday afternoon post-naptime found us at the ‘Noles spring game, something we’ve never done before. Since Pete spent the past two springs in Uganda, the list of spring activities for us to achieve is long. Long and fun. All of us (at least the adults, anyway) really enjoyed the game, and it seemed like a fitting conclusion to Pete’s career as a student here. Football has been one of our favorite activities right from the get-go.

We didn’t stay til the bitter end today as bedtime beckons and sometimes even the slightest deviation from the norm has us careening towards total meltdown. I would’ve loved to have heard the Hymn to the Garnet and the Gold but I also prefer not to hear zany bedtime crying. So it goes.

What a sweet way to spend the afternoon: with my two favorite gentleman watching a gentleman’s game. Go ‘Noles!


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